Bubble Breaker 2

Bubble Breaker 2 is a sequel of the classic game of the same title and this time, features and game play have gone into overdrive which makes it one of the most awesome puzzle games to have ever been released. Everything about is so cool and user-friendly that it will virtually be impossible not to get hooked on the game. Now you might get confused with the title of this game. While it is know by many to be Bubble Breaker 2, most of the players that have downloaded this game refer to this game with its alternative title which is Bebbled. However, for the sake of those that have grown accustomed with the original, we will refer to this game with the former title.

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So what is new with Bubble Breaker 2? A whole lot of features, that’s what. For one, there are now 22 unique levels of puzzles which have a total of 13 game centre achievements. Plus, you can now play in online mode which allows you to sign in with your Game Centre account and post your scores on the Internet! What is most exciting about this new version is not only the game play but the improvement in graphics that have been integrated into it. Plus, there are new additions when it comes to bonus levels so there is plenty of action for you to take part in.

There are six gaming modes you can choose from with Bubble Breaker 2, namely: Standard, Shifter, Continuous, Continuous Classic, Timeshifter and Megashift. Each of these modes has different goals and all of them have their own degrees of difficulty that you need to master individually. Another addition to this game is that it can be used by people who are colour-blind. Other than multiple colours, each of the shade of bubbles has their own shape inside that can help you determine what it is. Therefore, this makes it easier for people with this disadvantage to play the game.

Bubble Breaker 2

Bubble Breaker 2 also has a great soundtrack while you play the game. Fun, haunting and giving you a sense of urgency, the music that plays in the background can sometimes be distracting depending on how you think of it. With that, you can also place your own music from your device to play in the background while you play this game. So, you won’t get bored with the repetitive soundtrack that the developer has provided for Bubble Breaker 2.