Bubble Breaker Game

Bubble puzzle games never go out of style. They were popular more than a decade ago in various platforms and still are to this very day. More often than not, every developer places their own spin on bubble games to make it look different than its competition. In addition, the game play is also changed as well as the entire feel of it. The Bubble Breaker game is such a title that falls under the category of a puzzle game that has something to do with “bubbles” and popping them but with a little twist of the developer’s own. The title can be played online as a free Flash game or it can be downloaded for iOS as well as Android devices.

So how does the Bubble Breaker game differ from other puzzle games that are like it? First, let us analyze what is similar about it which is not a lot. For the most part, you get to pop bubbles in groups that come in different colours. The goal of the game is to pop a group of bubbles of the same colour, similar to other puzzle bobble games that have been released. However, the way you play this game is totally different than ones that have been released before it. In the past, you will need to shoot a bubble of a particular colour in order to group ones of the same shades together before they can be popped. With Bubble Breaker, all you need to do is find the group and click them for the bubbles to pop. This makes the game play much easier as you won’t have to think about accuracy and targeting bubbles at all.

On the other hand, the Bubble Breaker game can also become challenging with this type of game play. Remember, the more levels you accomplish, the harder the newer ones are to conquer. The way the game is played as well as the things you need to do is totally different from past games. In this one, you can pick off the smallest of groups which is two bubbles of the same colour and pop dozens of them as well. Each bubble group you pop has a corresponding point system that will be awarded to you. So, the larger groups will give you more points in the process. In order to do that, you need to strategize your moves to make sure that a large number of bubbles that are of a particular colour become grouped together for a huge score!

Bubble Breaker is truly an addictive game that will make you not realize how much time has passed by. Trying to beat your own high scores is already enough to get you hooked to the game but in addition, the innovative and easy game play makes things even more attractive than they already are. For the online game, there are many websites that host the title free of charge which you can access any given time of the day.