Bubble Breaker online

People use the Internet all the time for various activities. You can read on mostly anything under the sun and even become involved with social networking sites. However, these things can sometimes become a bore especially if you are doing the same thing over and over again. If fun and games is what you need, then you might want to check out Bubble Breaker online. Before you go off and think that you will need to buy this game first before you are able to play it, do think twice. This game is available for free anytime you want to play it as long as you are online.

Not familiar with Bubble Breaker yet? There is a great possibility that you haven’t heard about it before especially if you do not play a lot of puzzle games, much more with online games too. If you have ever played popular games in the past that are puzzle related and have something to do with bursting bubbles, Bubble Breaker online is something like that. Of course, the developers added their own little twist to the game to make it more original and fun to play. The game’s main goal in classic mode is to complete every level by popping bubbles that are grouped in the same colour. However, instead of shooting a bubble onto the group, all you need to do in this title is find them and tap to burst the particular grouping.

You will get points for every group of bubbles of the same colour that you pop. The more of them in a particular group, the higher points you will be able to get. The smallest group you can take out are those that are in twos. On the other hand, you can strategize and group as many bubbles of the same colour as you can to get the highest points possible. Another aspect of the game which is very important is to ensure that you always have a next move to execute before carrying out your next action. Once you run out of moves, the game will be over regardless of what mode you are in.

As for the game modes, you can choose to play in various settings depending on what your mood is. For instance, you can choose to play classic which gives you the opportunity to move on to the next rounds until you complete them all. At the same time, you can also choose to play the continuous mode which means you will never run out of bubbles to pop until you run out moves, that is. Controls are also very easy when you play Bubble Breaker online. Just point the mouse towards the direction of the bubble groups and press the left button to execute an action.

The entire point to the game is to tickle your brain and of course, to get the highest scores possible that will beat out any other players that post theirs on the game’s leader boards. Enjoy!