Play Bubble Breaker

There are tons of bubble-shooting games that you will be able to play online for free as well as download for your computer. However, that is exactly the problem. Most of these games have one thing in common: shooting bubbles to take out other bubbles. It gets to be repetitive even if other titles have a different take with their own games. If you want something different but familiar then you need to play Bubble Breaker instead. This game guarantees you will have a whole new outlook when it comes to bubble puzzle games and forget everything that you have played before.



Bubble Breaker is first and foremost free to play online. Just visit the website of your choice and you can start playing it anytime you want to. What makes this game so different from anything else is the way you take out the bubbles on the screen. Ordinarily, you will shoot bubbles to group the others of the same colour. In here, all the bubbles are already on the screen. All you need to do is find those of the same colour, in groups of two or more, and tap them so they can be removed. In return, you get points as your reward. The more you take out, the higher points you will get!